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Chatbot Salesforce

The artificial intelligence has found its scope with the chat bots integration in web design and Chatbot Salesforce being used to create an enhanced user experience and also boost sales in the B2C/B2B industries. Chatbots are quite popular in 2019 with plenty of frameworks to build on.

It has advanced to the level of being capable of learning from the interaction with end users. The first kind of chatbots came in the form of a Facebook messenger. Today there are scores of brands and businesses such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and weChat, who have invested in these chatbots.  Moreover, these brands have also witnessed a large success rate in driving sales and customer experience. We are talking about the conversational eCommerce, conversational online shopping experience and customer feedback/support.

The Customer Support Chatbot Salesforce

  •    Hyatt

Chatbots are faster and deliver a better user experience than human support. They offer prompt delivery of any message and accurately so.  One of the first company to make use of the Facebook messenger Chatbots was Hyatt. It allowed them to engage in real-time conversation with the customers and provide them with real-time solutions.

  •    Uber

They revolutionized the use of chatbot technology and how brands interacted with their customers. You can avail uber services via a messenger too, the Facebook messenger. All tasks from booking a ride, tracking a ride, and even paying for a ride is possible all from the chatbot technology.


Sales Chatbot

The Chatbots have turned to be one of the conversion optimizers for eCommerce websites. Sales Chatbots are known to bond better with the customers, more than a real person does. This is because, they have sufficient data on the patterns of the customers purchasing behavior, their tastes and preferences and much more. They can offer a more tailored shopping experience and that too without much delay. They are often able to capture the users ‘micro-moments’ the instance at which the user makes a purchase decision. Hence, they get higher sales. They can also help process payments.

  •    H&M

The popular apparel brand H&M is already using chatbot technology for making sales and delivering a seamless experience to its customers. They provide the customers with a questionnaire and use the answers to identifying what their preferences. They are able to make a customized catalog of products unique to each customer and boost their sales enormously.

  •    Spring

Just every other high-end fashion brand has already invested in the Chatbot technology. The spring’s sales bot is a personal assistant to shopping, which is available via a messenger. Spring has also enhanced the touch points to post a product purchase. It delivers a virtual receipt, provides information on tracking the movement of the product and so on. They believe Chatbot Salesforce a great way to engage with the luxury clientele.

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